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Web design

Take that brand look and apply it to a useful website (along with search engine optimization so people can find you)


Small or large, your company is going to have more success with a consistent, recognizable look.


People connect with images so whether you have a product or a service pictures are a must.

Welcome to the home of Midline Design, N.W. Washington’s first choice for getting it done, getting it done right and getting it done right on time. Since 1996 Midline has been here in downtown Bellingham working with local photographic retailers, local print-shops and local hosting companies to ensure the best, most reliable and most sustainable marketing solution available.

That doesn’t mean that we cut quality for principles. No sir! When you come to Midline, whether it be for a small ad for the paper or a full e-commerce solution you can be assured of top notch design standards and plain English. And getting it all done in one spot means that we will have your campaign up and running while the competition is pulling on its shoes and swapping files around!

Hosting services

Your website will need a home as well as a name. Let Midline take care of all of that so you don’t have to.

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