An idea of pricing for branding projects.

As with all our services it is always best to get a custom quote which you can do free and without obligation but if you want a very ball park ball park figure then her goes! A logo will usually come in at $300 or there abouts. A business card at $200, ad construction for print about $300 and web banner production might be $150. Product packaging design is pretty much impossible to even estimate since each job is so wildly different in its requirements so please get in touch for more information a free consultation.

All my design services are charged at $75/hour and after an initial meeting I would give an estimate of the number of hours required. As we go along I would then keep you informed of hours used so that you can reign in your creativity when you begin to stretch your budget. Normally my estimates are fairly accurate but it always depends on client feedback and number of required changes.

All prices shown here are for general guidance only and are not to be taken as a firm quote for any shoot.