What does my website’s home cost?

Now this is the one area which is easy to quote!

Hosting your site on our servers costs $10/month payable in advance in six monthly amounts of $60. There are certainly cheaper ways to go but our servers are entirely green, being carbon offset, and also, should there be any problem with the site such as it disappearing from the net there is no waiting on hold for you. Just give us a call on 360-739-9067 and I will pick up (95% of the time!) and you just leave it to me and I will get it fixed asap.

The other element is Domain Name Registration. This I charge at $15/year. Again, there may be cheaper alternatives but the company I use are reliable and extremely responsive to customer service requests. I do not charge for my time renewing domain registration for hosting clients, the only fee is to the registrar. Just let me know your preferred website address and I will do the rest. If you do decide to go with a different company I would have to charge for my time to work out their system which can be expensive and thus it usually works out to be way better value to just go with Midline.

All prices shown here are for general guidance only and are not to be taken as a firm quote for any shoot.